Positive Change through Grassroots Initiatives

Smart Innovations (SMI) is a Canadian development company actively engaged since 1976 in strengthening the capability of urban and rural communities in Africa, Southeast Asia and more recently in South America and China.

SMI works on the premise that the financial and material aspects of assistance should not overshadow the inherent capacity of the people themselves to produce positive change through grassroots initiatives and evolutionary growth to channel the talents and energies of individuals in service to humanity.

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SMI and Innovations

Adopting sustainable and environmentally responsible technologies is no more a choice we must make considering the devastating consequences they entail when neglecting to do so, but is a priviledge we all can embark on. Among many energy related technologies, SMI has selected to promote Algae to Oil technology, a technology that mimics ocean's and nature's response to pollutions such as CO2 and waste waters by converting them into BIOFUELS. As part of SMI's contribution in this field, a number of technologies have been researched, developed and finally patented. To convert Algae to Biofuels PhotoBioreactors are needed. Therefore SMI developed two types of technologies - one group of patented technologies that deal with processes that enable the continuous bending and shaping of extruded thermoplastic profiles into photobioreactors and the other group of patented technologies address the shape and functions of novel photobioreactors that we call AlgoReactors. .

These thechnologies can be visited at www.bendtrusion.com

SMI and Climate Change

Climate change has become a pressing global issue caused by non sustainable economies and lifestyles. SMI believes that the drive to sustainability cannot be successfully achieved without effective environmental stewardship, the main foundation of which is transformative grass-root initiatives by self-empowered communities.

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SMI establishes EquiCarbon - The Equitable Carbon Management Consortium

To facilitate community-based environmental stewardship, SMI has established with a group of companies, organizations and consultants active in leading edge development initiatives on 4 continents, a consortium of professionals sharing a common vision on how communities can move to a more sustainable principle-based development model.

Through its world-wide network of associates, affiliates and consultants, EquiCarbon identifies a growing number of carbon offset projects and is moving them to the Project Idea Note stage and beyond with the intention of advancing them, in collaboration with project participants and its partners, to Project Design Document stage ready for submission to hard (regulated) and soft (voluntary) carbon credit buyers.

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