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The InstaBend method (Patent Pending)

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The InstaBend&trade method allows to continuously bend and shape thermoplastic profiles into three-dimensional objects. The method merges three processes:

1- Recycling plastics and municipal or agricultural wastes to create Recycled Plastic Lumber RPL products

Woodfibre extrusion

2- Use a traditional extruder to produce linear-shaped RPL products such as for decking, fencing, outdoor furniture, marine applications, etc.

Plastic lumber products

3- Use the InstaBend&trade method to bend and re-shape extruded RPL products into three-dimensional objects, as profiles exit from the extruder.

Ideas For Curved Products

Curved shelf
Bending options

Plastic Lumber makes great indoor and outdoor furniture (sofa, lounge chairs, benches, trash cans...), playground equipment, etc.

Ideas for urban housing - curved structures

Prefab house

Plastic Lumber can be shaped, continuously, into arched structures for low-cost prefab housing - Photo and Design by Lukas Lang Building Technology

Arched roof truss

Plastic Lumber is ideal for making rounded roof trusses


First bridge structures made of Plastic Lumber

Marine platform
Floating house

Plastic-Lumber is ideal for Marine applications..., no rotting, no splitting, maintenance-free for 50 to 100 years

Ideas for the Energy Sector

Poles made of Plastic-Lumber can be curved or bifurcated for making cost-effective, light and durable electrical poles, street lights or all kinds of supports

Street light poles
Windmills in California

Plastic Lumber poles can reduce costs of windmills

Floating Windmills

Plastic Lumber is ideal for marine applications including poles for floating windmills

Solar Trough
Solar Trough

As demand for clean energy sources increases, demand for maintenance-free components made of Plastic Lumber (in green) also increases - for example many components for solar troughs can be made of Plastic Lumber (drawing not to scale).

Ideas for industrial applications

Quadro-pipe elbow

Plastic Quadro-pipe Elbow

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