Towed Equipment for Road Maintenance

Road maintenance with tractor-towed equipment is a must in developing countries. Tractors are easy to repair with spare parts generally available every where.

In 1991, SMI's Lao affiliate company Novatech designed and manufactured their first Lao-made Towed Grader TG80. These towed-graders were hauled by 80 HP tractors. The steel came from recycled army equipment left in Lao PDR after the Vietnam war.

In contrast to imported road equipment that end up having 70% downtime due to difficulties in acquisition of spare parts from abroad and the need for highly skilled technicians to repair them, locally-made TG80 were designed to require less than 10% downtime and only 2 days of training by novice technicians to operate.

This towed drag is a simplified version of a grader used for road maintenance.

This compactor uses recycled parts taken from both American and Russian military equipment.

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